Success Stories

Anjali Grover

My name is Anjali Grover. I am 48 years old. I am suffering with polio and I am a floor walker. I am working in the organisation namely, ASRA (Action for Self Reliance and Alternatives). The word 'ASRA' means 'Shelter'. This organization is exactly like its name.. Shelter. It helped me in learning computers as well as gives me means of earning my livelihood. I am working in ASRA as Receptionist since last seven years.

Before joining ASRA, I faced lots of troubles in my life. I belong to middle class Punjabi family. My parents were working and we are four brothers and sister. I started my studies in a normal school but it was very difficult for me to go to school for studies. It was because I am a girl and disabled too. I was not getting any support from my brothers and father. They always let me down. But because of my mother's support I continued to study.

During studies, I always worried about my future life. One day one of my neighbors told me about tricycle for disabled persons and gave an address to my mother. We went to this place namely, Institute for Physically Handicapped (IPH) for Tri-Cycle. When we went to Assessment room in IPH, I met a Doctor namely, Dr. Sural (Now a Trustee of ASRA, India). He was very kind. He started my assessment by asking about my education and my daily activity. My mother told him everything about me and about her worry for my future and started crying. She told him that as I am disabled how I can get an opportunity for job. After Assessment, Dr. Sural refer me to a very kind lady namely, Mrs. Vandana Mishra (who happens to be Founder of ASRA, India) and she guided me to go to organisation namely, ASRA. ASRA was running vocational courses in tailoring and computer. I chose to do six months computer course. After my course was completed at ASRA, I applied for job in ASRA itself and Mrs. Ankana Patial, Officer In-Charge (Programs) gave me an opportunity to join ASRA as Receptionist. Now I am self independent and confident and my family members who were NOT supporting me earlier, are now PROUD of me. I am very lucky that I met Mrs. Vandana Mishra Ma'am in my life and thanks to God. God always bless them. Now I am assisting ASRA in awareness and couselling of persons with disabilities like me.