Success Stories

Raj kumar Babbar-Master tailor in Emporium, ASRA

My name is Rajkumar Babbar. I have locomotor disability with 90% and I use crutches for mobility. I have one brother & 3 sisters. Presently there are four members in my family. I live with my mother, sister & niece. As my brother-in- law has expired so my sister & her daughter live with us. I have seen a lot of sorrow in my life. My father was a big drunker.

Only my mother took care of us. My father passed away 32 years back. At that time when I went to find a job, People said that you are lame & no one gave me any work. One day my grandmother(Nani) suggested my mother to taught me stitching as it’s a sitting job then my mother searched a boutique where I learnt stitching. Day by day my neighbours gave me orders of stitching & I fulfilled them in free. In this way I learnt stitching. I brought stitching orders from tailor shop & completed them at home. I worked in many boutiques at Karol Bagh for six years . After that I came to know about ASRA where I am working from 2014 as a master Tailor. ASRA is near to my house so I come on foot. Salary which I get from ASRA is an only source of earning for my family. For example at the pandemic time of Corona, ASRA paid us salary for work from home otherwise we were unable to survive. I feel lucky that I got an opportunity to work here.I heartly want to say Thankyou Ma’am Thankyou ASRA.