Action For Self Reliance and Alternatives


The Action for Self Reliance and Alternatives (ASRA), is anon- governmental organization registered under the Trust Act, 1860 working for equalization of opportunities, inclusion and rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (hereafter called Pw0s) in the slums and resettlement colonies of Delhi since 1992, It is committed towards their upliftment and ‘empowerment. It is constantly ensuring that their medical, social, vocational and economical needs are met with. ASRA creates awareness that there is life after disability through proper rehabilitation and it promotes the concept of disability prevention through creating awareness on health, implementation of service delivery program through its permanent Centre called ASRA Rehabilitation and Training Centre (hereafter called ARTC) at Uttam Nagar and through the Community based Rehabilitation (hereafter called CBR) whichis ts outreach program.


ASRA follows two-fold approaches for rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities i.e. Institution Based approach through ARTC and Community Based approach through its CBR program.


To promote economic independence and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities through enhancing physical and functional competencies and skill development. To develop sustainable resources for prevention, early identification and intervention, integrated education, employment, recreation, respite care and other needs in the community through partnership with disabled persons, their families and community. To empower persons with disabilities, their families and care givers to become self advocates for their needs and rights and work towards creating a ‘barrier free environment’.

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